Thursday, June 25, 2009

Daging Rusa - Johor Bahru Sahaja

Rusa Kalimantan

Saya mempunyai bekalan daging rusa muda segar yg berterusan dgn harga yg lebih murah dari pasaran. Sesuai utk majlis keramaian.

Harga adalah RM35/kg dan ianya adalah rusa muda dgn anggaran berat bersih sekitar 12-17kgs/ekor.

Agen jualan juga diperlukan dan harga utk agen boleh dirunding bergantung kepada kuantiti.

Lokasi saya di Johor Bahru, Johor D.T.
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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Definition of breastfeeding according to Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary, 27th edition, the feeding of an infant at the mother's front chest especially its modified glandular structure. While, accoding to Dr Khin Thuzar, lecturer of Faculty of Medicine in UiTM Shah Alam, it is the milk production from mother's breast that been fed to their child only after delivery upon to the stimulant (hormones) from the mother's body.

There are a lots of benefit that can be share between mother, her child and society. Breast milk is the most perfect nutrient for their baby that just been introduced to the new life after uterine life (inside the mother's womb). Mother's milk composition are changeable respective to baby's need. Once the baby live in the brand new world, their gastrointestinal system have not been establish and compatible with any foreign particle even for milk. But mother's milk is easily digested and efficiently used. Beside be the perfect nutrient for baby and easily digest, the most important benefit is mother's milk helps protect them against infection. Mother's antibodies had been given to the baby through their breastmilk. It also can saves a lots of money, instead of buying any formula @ artificial milk that of course are expensive. The most best part is, by feeding the baby by their own breastmilk will help to strengthen the bonding between mother and baby. It help the baby to adapt into the new environment easily. Having child is a very wonderful moment. But it also sometimes can be tiring when the gap between two baby are short. Actually by breastfeeding, it helps to delay the next pregnancy. Breastfeeding are also helps to protects mother's health and reduce the risk to develop cancer, especially breast and ovarian cancer to the mother.

Artificial milk of Formula milk are have many danger or disadvantages. The nutrient that had been supply is not enough for baby's need. We can see that the artificial milk are containing too much protein in which can forms indigestible curds and block baby's gastrointestinal system. Artificial milk are also contai anti-infective @ antibodies properties that protects cow's baby but not for human's baby. So, that is just a waste. Giving human's baby the antibodies that they are may not need it because it will not helps our baby. Artificial milk can cause intolerance and allergies in which can develop eczema and asthma. It is also expensive, poor family will not be able to buy for their baby. Feed the baby through bottles will interfere in mother and baby bonding or relationship. For mother that not breastfed their child are prone to develop breast and ovarian cancer.

Many study had been done in order to see the difference between mother that giving breastfeed and mother that giving her child artificial @ formula milk. Mother that breastfed their baby are easily regain their shape after delivery to be compared to those who doesn't breasfed their baby. The one that give artificial @ formula milk will to have engorgement breast due to swelling and distension of the breast. The risk to get breast or ovarian cancer are higher in the mother that giving her child artificial @ formula milk. It also can strengthen the bond between baby and mother. Excitingly, study shows that by breastfed the baby, mother can reduce risk of fatal postpartum (after delivery) excessive bleeding or so call hemorrhage. Breastmilk are also cheap and convenient to the mother and family rather than have to spend most of the money.

There is comparison btween baby or children had been breastfed and children had been give in artificial @ formula milk. First differences is, breastfeed provides with initial immunization by colostrum, while in artificial @ formula milk, there is no initial immunization. It also helps to prevent the baby from diarrhea due to the structure of the milk that easily digest. It can be seen that baby that fed artificial milk are exposure to have diarrhea due to high protein content in cow's milk. There is also promote to recover the sick baby.